Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Milk and other things...

Also I forgot to tell you I think you would be very surprised that Colombia has made me a milk-drinking, banana-eating fanatic. 
It’s a treat for me. 
It’s breakfast, milk and bananas

Us: WHAT??? You milk? No.
What kind of milk, like white milk

Rawly: Yes like regular milk, ha-ha
It’s in a bag though they don’t have cartoons here. It’s pretty delicious

Us: Is it cold or on the shelf?

Rawly: Cold

Us: Wow most milk in Mexico comes on the shelf :)    YUCK
So did you get some of my other recipes?


Us: So what is happening with your sweet Evelyn? How is she coming along??
Rawly: Evelyn will be baptized the 17 of August along with my first fecha....I put the date on this person. Paola, hopefully her mom, they are in Cali so we will ask her mom later. And today we put another fecha on someone named Luz Dary
Evelyn is receiving lots of nido its Spanish for nest and it’s when the members support the investigators. A girl named Daniela Certuche is helping us a lot with her, along with our Gil, Spanish slang for idiot-lovingly-Sergio. Ha-ha-ha. She is so excited for her baptism now.

Us: I've been reading the blog of a missionary that is in Popayan he is N.American and it seems that his leg is hurt. I hope he is okay he mentioned that President Prince was going to talk to him about what his options would be...

Rawly: Is his name Elder Peterson???

Us: Yes I believe so...

Rawly: Of course it is, he’s super nice.

Rawly: It’s so weird, the people that are in my life everyday you don’t really know. I have an adopted mom here; they are the first members that I met here. Familia Incapie. The mom loves me and has treated me so well; they own the store that we buy everything from. The father Eddy is a cross fit trainer yet is kind of chubby hilarious and a less active member; their daughters are dynamite members. Angie, 21 is awesome, and Vanessa 11, is absolutely adorable. They have adopted me really. They are super strong members of the church and live so close to us. Seriously they are awesome. Hermano Pedraza, is the president of the quorum of elders and has a fairly large house. We use his house for family home evenings and his is also a dynamite member. He is the bomb, a little chubby hahaha but awesome. He was the president of the temple in Bogota not to long ago. 

Rawly: Oh also, if you ever send me a package, can you send pens, the pens that we bought that aren’t the ones you can erase are my favorite. They are awesome for what I am doing 

Rawly: Lots of love. Talk to you in 6 days. Transfers are every 6 weeks. So we have like 1 week and a half left.
Lots of Love

Elder Lyle

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