Monday, November 25, 2013

Lots of pictures this week...

It's Christmas here in Ipiales

Elder Rawly Lyle in Ipiales

Elder Tidei!

Tree Tomato

Weirdest Fruit Ever

All of us at Lucia's baptism

So cute he fell asleep in the late baptism

Elder Tidei: The Monk

Caught in the freezing pouring rain

We are freezing here in Ipiales!

A Heavy Week

Well this was yet another hard week, it started off when I said goodbye to a good friend, Hermana Medina, who is headed off back to her own country, Argentina.
(Ciao Hermana Medina)

The week started off a little difficult. 
My area is hard. Like REALLY, REALLY HARD. There are so many problems that I’m trying to solve that my head hurts like 24/7.

People inactivate themselves from the church because of one family in my little humble branch of 70 people. 27 of the 70 people belong to this one family. It’s difficult, it’s just that this family thinks that you have to be perfect to be a member of the The Church of Jesus Christ. But the truth is it is exactly the opposite. The church itself is perfect but the people within it are not. We are there to try to perfect ourselves not to be perfect, but try for perfection because we are far, far, far from perfection.

Zulma and Saul, Saul is a drug addict, he keeps on escaping from his house until, well, until Zulma left him.

We are kind of like marriage counselors, and are currently working with 4 couples to resolve marriage issues. Things are going well with them.

We are working with 6 couples who are not married.

There are so many challenges in this area but I’m learning so much everyday.
We had a baptism of a pregnant lady yesterday named Lucia.
She had an amazing experience.
She wasn’t really sure if she wanted to get baptized and received her interview to get baptized with many doubts. When she was in the interview her baby kept kicking her but she said it was in a soft way that didn’t cause her any pain like her baby was telling her to go ahead and do it. 
In her baptism her baby was so happy and active she said she had never felt anything like that.
What an amazing experience.
(Baptism of Lucia)

My week included the following. 
Drug addicts
Suicide Attempts 
And then the most spiritual baptism I have ever attended.

An investigator of ours asked us a question that has really got me thinking,
Why is there such bad things in this world?
Why does the bad come before the good?
I found my answer in The Book of Mormon
2 Nephi 2:11
11. For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so, my first born in the wildereness, righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness, neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad. Wherefore, all things must needs be a compound in one; wherefore, if it should be one body it must needs remain as dead, having no life neither death, nor corruption nor incorruption, happiness nor misery, neither sense nor insensibility.

I testify that this is true. That we must have an opposition in all things, to know the good from the bad, the sweet from the bitter. 

I love this gospel
I love my life here

Invite the missionaries over for a Family Home Evening in the house this week. Ask them to center their message in this question:
¨Why do bad things happen in this life.¨
Should be fun.

I love you brothers and sisters
Be thankful this week
In the name of Jesus Christ 
Elder Lyle

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013


All right so P-DAY
We play soccer, soccer and more soccer. But to be completely honest I love soccer now, who would have ever guess, ha-ha. 

My area is HUGE, like massive, like HUUUUGELY massive. I have about 200 square km of houses alone that I am teaching. Everything is super spread out here.  We need to plan everything really well so that we get a good day in. 

It rains all the time here, and it is super, I mean super, super cold. I bought gloves and a scarf, who would have ever guessed that I would be the person to buy a scarf.... well I did okay.  And you know what? I love my scarf because it keeps me warm at 10,000 feet.  

The other day we were heading off to almuerzo (lunch) when my companion told me, “hey I think there is a short cut through here", we are always looking for a short cut because where we were going was like 45 minutes walking to this house. So we headed off in search of the shortcut. Well we found it. It was raining, of course, it always rains. The shortcut was down the side of a mountain, dirt now mud track and was super steep. 
SO, what did we do? 
AND I fell, ha-ha, of course. 
And I didn’t stop sliding until I reached the bottom. My umbrella upside down sliding behind me. My companion attempted to stop me but then he started to slide down standing up.  But it’s all good. I was just covered in mud from head to toe. My face was black and the first thing my companion said to me was. 
“Well at least the people don’t think you’re a gringo anymore.” Ha-ha
We have a good time together. 

 The other missionaries had baptisms on Saturday. It was crazy cause they sent us to fill the baptismal font. You can’t baptize with cold water here in Ipiales or the people turn into popsicles. So Elder Tidei and I frantically tried turning on the heater. However we had no idea how to do it. We somehow had to light the gas that was inside a locked box to which we did not have the key.
We finally found the key and turned on the gas. However the stupid thing didn’t want to light. 
I’m really surprised that we didn’t blow the place up, as the gas ran for like 15 minutes straight without being lit. We finally lit the gas and ran for our lives.

The baptisms were super cool. Although afterwards the President of the Branch came up to tell as that all the missionaries have talks tomorrow, ha-ha oh man

So lately I’m dealing with some serious English/Spanish problems. I stutter in English now. I need to practice my English but I feel really awkward doing it. Talking is super hard for me in English. I have no idea why. It’s kind of making me feel more alone because the people here don’t understand my Spanish or Elder Tidei’s. They speak really weird here. 

For my spiritual thought of the week:

I want to start with an investigator I’m helping right now. His name is Saùl. I’m helping him and his family. His wife asked us to come and help him. He says he wants help, but really he doesn’t. 
Saul is a drug addict. He drinks way too much. He is on house arrest but in the last week escaped twice and went missing for 2 days at a time. It’s really hard for the family. We have been helping him with his problem but the truth is, is that he thinks he can do this alone and that he doesn’t need God.  

 Moroni in the book of Mormon realized that really we are nothing without the strength of the Lord:
“I have but the strength of a man”

 A prophet in ancient times told his people:
“Cry unto the Lord for strength”

We do not always have the strength to accomplish all things,
 That is why we ask of the Lord to help us. 

The situations around us will not change. That is a fact. However the strength in which we have within us can change so we can rise up above our challenges. 

Like Nephi; 
His brothers tied him up and told him that he had no power over his older brothers.

16: And it came to pass that when I, Nephi, had spoken these words unto my brethren, they were angry with me, for behold, they were exceedingly wroth, and they did bind me with cords, for they sought to take away my life, that they might leave me in the wilderness to be devoured by wild beasts.
17: But it came to pass that I prayed unto the Lord, saying: O Lord, according to my faith which is in thee, wilt thou deliver me from the hands of my brethren; yea, even give me strength that I may burst these bands with which I am bound.
18: And it came to pass that when I had said these words, behold, the bands were loosed from off my hands and feet, and I stood before my brethren, and I spake unto them again.

Something is very important in this story in that he prayed for the strength to break the bonds not the bonds should be loosened. He did not look for the easy way out. He looked for the strength in the Lord. 

We must act on faith, ask of the Lord for strength and face our problems in order to overcome them.

The situations normally do not change. 
We do. 
We adapt and grow to meet the challenge. 


Think of one thing that you have in your life that is challenging.
This week pray for strength and face the problem. 
Rise above the challenges.
We have so much potential.

I love you all
Elder Lyle

A few pictures this week from Ipiales

The Zone Leaders are rich and living in style here in Ipiales

Saturday baptisms 
Notice the cool scarf, yup I'm warm

Well this picture says it all
Anyone that knows me knows that I'm going to fit in just great here

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pictures from the members in Popayan

Rawly & 
The Astudillo Family

Rawly, Natalia, Leidy & Diiana

Rawly & Natalia

Cooking at a members home

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pictures from Rawly's new area... Ipiales

The bus ride to Ipiales

I moving to the Andes!

Ciao Silva!

My new apartment
View from the second floor to the kitchen

My new companion, Elder Tidei in our new kitchen

We made tacos brah

My itsy chapel that is an hour away walking time

Elder Tidei, Elder Cordova & I

Julian, Elder Tidei & I

Elder Hamblin, I mean Faundez, Elder Cordova & I

They call us monos (gringos)
(by the way this little boy is sooo adorable!)

Welcome to Scotland everyone, ha-ha

La Brujula

Well folks,
This week I left my home in Popayan. This was super hard for me, I miss my white city. Popayan was incredible, the people amazing. I felt as if I was leaving my family yet again. 

I had a VERY long bus ride, 10 hours by myself to the south to the town of Ipiales, good thing the scenery was incredible. Ipiales is high in the Andes, with some huge mountains, gorges and rivers. (9,700ft) It’s incredible, very different from the hilly landscape of Popayan.
Because I live up in the Andes it is super cold. I’m not lying I’m like dying from cold here, so, so, so, so, so, cold. But it’s really beautiful here. I feel like I’m in Scotland, it’s really neat. 

Tuesday I met my new companion, Elder Tedei (Tea-day), he is from Argentina and is awesome. We are having a blast together. His Spanish is pretty cool, although at first it was a bit difficult to understand, but I’m getting accustomed to it. He was the secretary to President Prince for 6 months in Cali and then stayed in Cali for 6 months more. He has only been here for a month and a half and we are both dying of the cold. 

Our area is huge, it covers about 200 km. We have really no transportation so we walk a lot... A LOT in the cold. Although I think it’s actually pretty awesome. 

Our house is HUGE, I have no idea why. I’m talking 8 rooms and two baths. It’s just the two of us. That part is pretty cool, however when it rains, it floods our second story where we keep all our stuff. It rains a lot. The other day we came back to our house to find about 3 inches of standing water in the upper story. It soaked all of our clothes, books and everything. We now have all our stuff located on high ground as it rains here every day. 

The people here are very interesting. It is so different from the culture of Popayan. The people here are not very open. They don’t really answer questions and are kind of cold people. Not very exciting to be truthfully honest. So it looks like Elder Tidei and I just have to change the culture here in Ipiales, no big deal, ha-ha. We are ready to change the culture and the hearts of the people here.

The people here like to drink...and they drink a lot...We split up to bring people to church on Sunday and when I reached the little town where the majority of our investigators are I counted 8 people passed out on the sidewalk. Well, its not really a sidewalk its grass, but yeah... People party hard here. Things are very interesting in Ipiales, but I’m excited to see what the city holds for us. 

This week I want to talk about La Brújula.
The compass.
What function has a compass?

Maybe you immediately received the picture of an arrow in your mind, like the compass Jack Sparrow had or something similar. A circle with an arrow showing where you should go. That is exactly what a compass does. It guides us to where we need to go. 

Now the big question. If we have a compass, and we see exactly what direction we need to take and then stand still, what exactly is the purpose of the compass? It doesn’t have a purpose then. 

In the bible dictionary when you look up guidance, the first thing it says is:
See Scriptures.

We have a great compass in our lives to give us guidance to tell us what direction we need to take. 
Do we sit in our house with the scriptures lying nearby? Do we sit looking at the scriptures and say but I’m too tired to read? 
Do we sit and stare at our compass and do nothing?

Proverbs 3:6
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

If we but acknowledge him he shall direct our paths. However direct is a very interesting word. Direct does not mean that God will take us to where we need to go. It means he will give us guidance, he will give us direction. 

James 2:7
Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

We have to do our part; we have to walk in the direction that we are given.
We have all been given the compass we need. 
We all have the scriptures. 

This brings me to the challenge of the week.


Read 1 chapter of the Book of Mormon or the Bible everyday this week. Seven chapters and tell me how you fell at the end of your week.

If you are going to read the Book of Mormon start with the Book of Mosiah.
If you are going to read the Bible start with the book of Mathew

I promise you, if you are able to make time for one chapter a day and no more, you will feel a difference in your life, you will feel yourself progressing. Making steps in the direction you need to take.

I love you all

Elder Lyle

Monday, November 4, 2013



This will be a very brief message, as I don’t have much time. I’m on my way to Ipiales. The most southern city in the mission and the coldest city as well. It is in the Andes. I’m really excited but really sad to leave my area. 

This week I want to focus on faith.

I have families that I love here.
Families that have many problems.
I’m currently working with drug addicts, and the family of drug addicts. Alcoholics and their families. Families with abusive fathers. And now in the middle of working with these incredible people I have to leave.

This is a huge test of faith for me.

2 new missionaries will come to my area Elder Campos and Elder Darling. The truth is I can only pray that they can continue with these people. These people need so much love and help in their lives. It makes me incredibly sad to leave them. They have shown so much faith. 

That is my challenge this week:

Show Faith 

Have faith in every aspect of your life.

God works miracles; we must believe that they will happen. 

Have Faith

Ipiales my new area. Elder Tidei from Argentina is going to be my new companion. I’ve heard great things about him. 
It’s super cold there. Everyone is telling me how cold its going to be and how much guinea pig I’m going to eat. 
Everyone talks with an awesome accent there. It’s like Spanish with an Italian accent mixed with the accent Jake always used. The city is very European from what I’ve heard. 
This is going to be fun. 

Love you all
Elder Lyle

Last pictures from Popayan

My awesome Bennion tie when I'm thirsty in the jungle

We bought a rabbit
We just couldn't say no

Family Home Evening

Saying good-bye to 
Elder Borg

Borg's wife to be... in a year...ha-ha

Angelica and her mother, 
Best neighbor's
So going to miss them

I'm on a horse

Sending you hello 
from Timbio!