Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hey Everyone!
Elder Rawly Lyle here. 
I just got my mission call to the Colombia Cali Mission 
I will be reporting to the MTC on the 3rd of July. I am so excited. 
I will try my best with my Mom's help to keep everything updated as best as we can with pictures and blog posts while I am there. 
Here we go!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Call

Here we are on March 16th at about 8:00 pm waiting to open the "call". We had to wait till my Uncle called in from Panama to start. About 30 friends & family all hovering around waiting anxiously. Almost everyone in the room had someone either on the phone on speaker or Skype. Such a crazy exciting moment as you can see...

My Mission Call Came Today!!

Here we are placing our guesses on where I'll be going
Notice we are signing on the USA map
My guess:  Santa Fe, New Mexico, Spanish speaking
After opening my call
My Dad pointing out where I'm going,
It's not in the USA but...
No new adventure would not be complete 
without a new pair of