Monday, July 22, 2013

Emails & Pictures

Rawly: And I’m here

Us: Good morning!!
How are you?? How was your week?

Rawly: I’m good, to be honest my week was hard but good.

Us: What made it hard?

Rawly: It was hard because everyone wasn’t home.
Now that I feel adequate to float on my own Elder Borg and I´s strong type A personalities are beginning to show, ha-ha.
And I missed you guys like crazy last week.

Us: Oh… we miss you more!  
So are you and your companion getting along, you do know that he is your trainer right Mr. Alpha male.

Us: Remember when you feel like you are missing us, just look at the moon and know that we are looking back and sending a major amount of LOVE your way!!
Last night was a full moon and I wished upon it great things for you and Elder Borg for this week!

Sergio is the son of the Branch President.

Sergio & Elder Borg going somewhere on a bus 

Us: By the way: I love the pictures.
Try to take some with you in them out on your walk abouts :)
Rawly: I can’t normally bring my camera with me because I’ll get robbed, but all good. I’ll do it when I can. Lots of love Elder Lyle
Us: Well we love ANYTHING we get!!!!
Don't carry it around; we don't want you getting robbed!!!!
Rawly: I have to go love you lots. 
Talk to you next week. 
Us: We sooooo LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!!!
Rawly, go forward this week with honor, love and hope in your heart and you will continue to have success!!!!


Rawly: The picture of me cleaning the font was the most recent, Saturday it will show you how much weight I’ve lost, ha-ha.
Us: You've lost weight??? I think you should eat more!
Rawly: I think I should eat more too! We only eat almuerzo when the families feed us. My companion doesn’t eat. Which really bothers me. He only spends money on clothes and candy. 

Lots of love 
Elder Lyle
Elder Borg in their apartment doing morning exercises
Elder Lyle during a LATE night study session

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