Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ode to the Bennion's...Because they LOVE Rawly!

The awesome Bennion's with Rawly after being set apart
They wrote him this great poem and I believe it is note worthy enough to post:

"Y" We Love Rawly

Because he has the hips of a Puerto Rican woman

Because he always makes us smile

Because he will do the Haka with Luke

Because he can miss almost all of his senior year
And still graduate at the top of his class

Because he is going on a mission to Colombia

Because there is no detail too small for him

Because he dominates at mutual cooking activities 

Because he is family oriented

Because he is an amazing older brother

Because he was Rachel's first date

Because he knows how to pull Karla out of her most stressful moments

Because he recognizes and follows spiritual promptings immediately

Because he Loves Life

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