Saturday, July 20, 2013

Independence Day in Colombia

Wow flags and music everywhere, mariposa seems to be the favorite by juanes or mana I don’t remember it. I kind of love this song now, but we will see by the end of the day.

I love you guys so much.

Celebrate Independence Day with me 
Mom make Sancocho soup:
Colombian beans
Grilled chicken
maybe fry a banana
This is what I have eaten every single day since I got here, hahahaha, no joke. Good thing I like it. 

Love you lots
Off to the forest today again 
Baptism... maybe. We can only hope, she has been having lots of doubts. 

Lots of love 
Elder Lyle

P.S. Aven make juice
Mango in the blender with orange juice and water
Strain it 
BOOM… juice 

Lots of love and hugs to everyone

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