Monday, July 29, 2013

A couple more thoughts from Elder Lyle

Hey I just wanted to say that I love all of you SOOO MUCH 
This week will be awesome. Seriously awesome, Elder Borg and I are still on fire in the area if we could just get some baptismal dates on to some of our investigators. All will be well. 
Lots of love 
My eyes are amazing. 
Lots of Love 

Elder Lyle

You have to learn how to make bread like they do here. It’s so easy, but somehow we just simply can’t do it there. 
Also you should accept a friend request from a Yersson or Yersey Flores in facebook. We are building his house. Yersey the father is a less active member and we are reactivating him ha-ha and we will baptize his family. He has pictures of Elder Borg and I building their house, and wants to share them with our parents. 
Rawly: I have to go. 
Lots of love
Your Elder 
Us: Love you more and more and more
To the Moon and BACK!!!

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