Monday, July 15, 2013

Love it when I'm online while Rawly is...

Here are just a couple of communication emails we had going back and forth yesterday. Some of it is informative about his living conditions and some of it is really funny:

Rawly: Remember that what we have to cook with is a portable stove top and an olla, you’ll have to translate that I can’t remember the English word.
I love you tons send you an email tonight.

Lots of love Elder Lyle

Rawly: Sorry. I sent three pictures of a game we played for like 2 hours today in P-day. We spent the day in Coconuco. The van is how we got home for an hour, ha-ha. (We never got the picture of the van)

Us: So the picture with the two S.American’s, are they also missionaries?   Rawly: My companion and a random drunk dude who was playing the game with us.

Us: Your Dad was very very happy to see you wearing Barcelona… Rawly: I’m wearing that right now!! With my white pants of course. I fit in much better, hahaha. Us: Of course you are wearing those white pants.
Speaking of, so how are you doing your laundry??? Rawly: A dude shows up with a machine on his bicycle.... hahaha Us: so like to do your laundry? Rawly: No to drop off the machine silly, hahahaha. We RENT IT! HAHAHA. Us: There's a guy that drops off a machine to do your laundry? How does that work? (Right about now I’m envisioning some kid on a bike delivering a full size washer, so I say: That is soooo funny!!  So what kind of machine do you rent? Like a washing machine? Rawly: He drives up on a bicycle in the morning, knocks on our door. Walks the machine in, sets it down and hooks it up to the sink. We pour soap and clothes in and boom LAUNDRY! Us: What that is sooo funny...we want a picture of that next week! Rawly: Yeah like a top load full sized washing machine and the kid is like 14 and waddles. I will next time he shows up.... ha-ha we will see when that is.

Us: So are you getting our messages that we send to you during the week? Rawly: Yes I am getting them all.  I LOVE them so much they really make my day. Us: I am so glad. Wasn’t sure if you could get them. Did you get the pictures of your Dad in Alaska? We thought your companion would like to see all the snow in July. Rawly: Yes he loves it! He wants to be a pilot but probably won’t have the chance. The Prince’s paired me up with him because they hope I can teach him English. Most senior companions have to teach their "niƱos" Spanish. Well I’m teaching him English. If I can teach him English in 3 months he can go to BYU. Challenge Accepted. Us: Do you think you will have him for the whole time? Rawly: I hope so. I will talk to President Prince on Wednesday, interviews!!! And during my interview with him I am going to talk to him and his wife about it. They told me to teach him English and I’m positive I can do it. I just need the rest of his 3 months to do it. It is his dream to go to BYU and he has the chance to do it. Him and I are working at finding people. Plus I’m sure they wouldn’t have a problem with me staying with him. Us: That sounds so great. 

Us: We did see that the Prince's are doing interviews and Sister Prince comes and makes sure your apartment is clean....YIKES. Rawly: Well, we are making sure she comes to ours. We are missing everything. Warm water, draws for our clothes, places to put our books. We bought a telephone wire that we hang our clothes on, ha-ha and our bathroom constantly smells of poop. It’s disgusting and we have no idea why, we think it is because we are on the second floor....

Rawly: If you want to see where I live; I live in La Ladera it’s a barrio in Popayan.

Us: Dad wants you to know that a 23 year old Colombian named Nairo Quintana is in 2nd place in the Tour de France!!!  Rawly: Oh I know; we all know. There are four things Colombian’s like to talk about:  Food. Sports. Religion, and Music, in that order. There was a huge futbol game last night, the favorite team won. People ran through the streets screaming and honking horns and playing music, ha-ha.

Us: So...Have you meet any other missionaries that are in Popayan? Rawly: Yes, I made quite a ripple from what I’ve heard. I’m known as the Mono or monkey, gringo that can speak Spanish. I’m already known in the area, ha-ha. There are 20 missionaries here in Popayan and I have the best area because I’m not in the city but on the outskirts. I love me some dirt floors, ha-ha-ha. Us: So mono means monkey...gringo??? Does that mean that you speak really good Spanish for a white boy? Rawly: Mono is what they call the white people who live here ha-ha-ha, so yes.

Rawly: I have to go right now. We need our CASH BAD, ha-ha-ha.
Lots of love. Your missionary. Elder Lyle
Us: Rawly, soooo LOVE YOU and are soooo PROUD OF YOU!!
Love you to the Moon and Back. Mom

Rawly: Tell everyone I miss them like crazy it’s a good thing I have a companion that I’m so tight with, because I’ve been missing you guys a lot lately, and the food. HAAHAHAHA 

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