Monday, July 15, 2013

Here is the Update...

All right so this week was interesting:

We didn’t have our baptism. Our investigator’s name is Evelyn and she is 14 years old. We moved her baptismal date to this Saturday though!! It will be really incredible. 

For the most part we spent the past week out. Like OUT. Ha-ha, our area covers a neighborhood called Barrio Cristales, look it up. Although I didn’t get the sleeping bag mission, I have the coolest mission in the world. We had to hike up a mountain maybe for 2 hours to reach this place in the middle of nowhere. I wish I could have stayed there; it is one of my favorite barrios. 
My favorite food here is ahyuca, spelling not quite sure. It’s a soup that is absolutely to die for along with maracuya juice. (Tarren I realized the granadilla and maracuya are cousins, that’s why it was so familiar but maracuya is soooo much better than granadilla). Everyone makes juice here; they just throw some fruit and water into the blender, blend it, strain it and serve. It’s so awesome and easy. Why don’t we do this at home??

This week nothing much went on. I did get sick do to some nasty drink an old lady made me, ha-ha. I didn’t throw up though; I think I lost the ability to throw up with my surgery.... hahaha

This lady was maybe 102 and when she poured the water into the canteen it spilled all over her and the floor, but she was doing everything so fast it was like she does it everyday! The drink was some mixture of the left over burnt corn made into a coffee substance. I’m assuming because it was made of corn it was okay to drink. It was warm instead of hot so not all of the granules dissolved, actually like none of them did hahaha. But yeah that was really fun later. My companion was just laughing and said ¨welcome to the next two years of your life”. 

We found 25 new investigators this week. We are having the times of our lives! My companion can be a little stubborn at times but we are getting along great. 

Today we went with a new investigator family to Coconuco. Look it up it’s so cool. They went to the natural hot springs, which my companion was absolutely disgusted with the smell, ha-ha, and we played a game with rings. Its kind of like toss the ring, but little rings and there’s multiple points you can receive. The main goal is to try and put it through a metal frogs mouth, which is entirely impossible. 
My companion is hilarious, he is honestly like a big brother in everything, and I look up to him so much. Its hilarious though he hates rice, blackberry (juice) and can’t seem to choke down breakfast or dinner, hahaha.
We ate lunch with these investigators picnic style. And man when Colombians picnic, they PICNIC. Ha-ha we had to walk up a shear cliff for a little while, then across fields and through all of this they are caring a whole cooked chicken, and a pot of rice, a large POT of rice, hahaha. 

I have ridden in some awesome automobiles, not going to lie. It’s been so awesome! I ´m getting to know the members of the church and they are helping us so much. All the people we are finding are through the members of our ward. They are amazing and so energetic to help. This is honestly how every family should be in the church; filled with zeal to help raise Zion. It is not our responsibility if they accept the message you share, but you are responsible to share this message with them. 

I am growing so much as an individual. It’s incredible. 

The gospel is TRUE; I know it with all my heart. 

Pray with faith, you will receive the answers to your heart 

Lots of Love 
Elder Lyle

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