Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another unexpected online exchange with Rawly today

Rawly: Just want to say I can receive mail. An Elder received a box of peanut butter yesterday, ahahaha
I love you 
Elder Lyle

Us: Do you have a mail address that is better than the mission home in Cali??
What would you like from home :)

Rawly: Mission home in Cali. 
I don’t know, I’m just saying I can get stuff, but it has to come in the padded envelopes that you can seal shut.  
I'm really in no need of anything, I love the food here, I have lime chips, and I have my new favorite candies and everything. 

Us: Well we knew that you would LOVE the food…
Although Kricket and I think of you every time we eat something GREAT :)

Us: Don’t forget to take a picture of your first baptism :)

Rawly: Of course not, her name is Evelyn. She is awesome, oh my gosh, like seriously so awesome. 
I forgot to tell you; everywhere we go kids, kids, kids. I love it. I got adopted by one last night at family home evening and he kept calling me papi, hahaha.
Seriously this is just solidifying my career as a pediatrician. 

Rawly: Oh, also they send little CD’s or mini thumb drives that are small with videos on them. Like; Hey how’s it going or pictures of a big event or something like that. 

Rawly: We love it here 
Lots of love, Elder Lyle and Elder Borg

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