Monday, August 5, 2013

AP scores, Shaving legs, Flamboyant missionaries & Blind dogs...

Us: Hey did you ever get the snap shot of your AP score for calculus?
You never said anything... I thought you would have
Mr. St. Onge was so proud of you!!
Love ya
Rawly: I did I was so excited, Peter and I were bragging about our 5’s to each other, hahahahahaha
Us: So funny :)
Hey how was your week?

Rawly: My week was kind of boring and a bit of a let down to be honest. We thought we would have like 8 people go to the capilla but when we did splits to pass by them in the morning, none of them could attend. I went into mourning and decided I needed to do something different to lighten up my day. So last week I shaved my legs. (Okay we can blame his Dad for this) That’s right, it was a heck of an experience that still makes me laugh, ahahahahaha Oh my gosh, I was in the shower for like an hour and when I finally emerged with my shaved legs my companion went down to the ground laughing. At least it boasted our moral for the week.
Us: Oh my gosh...
You do realize when those puppies grow back they will itch like crazy and cause ingrown hairs....

Us: Sorry to hear about your investigators. Your area seems really hard. But don't give up hope. Just keep on trucking and know that if you share yourself and love them something will happen. Remember you could be in Hong Kong right now walking the streets waiting for people to talk to you :)

Rawly: Ha-ha. My area is really easy in some aspects. Everyone wants to talk about God and Jesus Christ and love what we talk about they just have a hard time changing their life styles. It’s easy because we can talk to everyone; it’s hard because nobody wants to be baptized.
It is so hard for people to change their lifestyles. Good news is that it should help you when or if you are ever tempted to not live a good lifestyle to see how hard it is to change bad habits...
Us: But don't give up I know that something is bound to happen. Speaking of, is Evelyn still getting baptized?
Rawly: Evelyn is a member now, seriously she attends seminary and everything, but we still need to keep checking up on her. 

Us: So when do transfers happen?
Do you think you will stay with Elder Borg?
Do you spend much time with the other Elders in Popayan?

Rawly: Not really, we have a meeting every Tuesday, always. Borg is the leader of the district; 4 missionaries in the Americas Branch and then there are district leaders over all the missionaries in Popayan. Elder Jones, hahahaha, is in our rama, he is hilarious and is from California, he has to be one of the more flamboyant missionaries I have met and has prettier ties than me, ha-ha. He is obsessive with what he eats and working out, kind of like Josh, without his body type. Transfers are in 9 dias and my companion thinks I will be called as district leader. I hope so, I am dying to have some authority its killing me, ha-ha, classic right? I think Ill stay with Elder Borg, or maybe no, I actually have no idea. It would make sense for him to stay with me for another 6 weeks, another transfer, to finish my training, but he says I’m practically finished.
Us: Elder Jones sounds like he is a lot of fun.
We did send you with some pretty boring ties, for you anyways :)
So do you feel like you've been out forever??? Because I feel like it has been about year and that you only have a year to go :)

Us: About your money. You probably shouldn't have that much cash, should you? 
Rawly: About my money, I just took all of it out, I had the feeling that I needed to take it all out, I don’t know why, but it is all with me, don’t worry we are being very frugal with our money 
The cash thing is fine, we both feel like we need to be prepared for something. So we are being really frugal with our money and saving up. Its weird how we are able to almost act as one now, weird but true.

Us: How is Elder Borg doing and are you guys getting along better?
Rawly: He and I are getting along much better. Everyone says that you talk like your papa in the mission, the person who trained you, and well, yesterday I was told I talk like a Dominican, ha-ha. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing, we will talk later. I have to walk all the way from Americas to Recuerdo now to help Sergio and his blind dog.
Lots of love, talk to you later 

Elder Lyle

Us: Blind dog?
So what are you guys worried about???
If you are talking like a Dominican that's BAD, your Uncle Bret would be ashamed
By the way 

Rawly: Oh my gosh, I’m not going to lie, this is so hard

Rawly: Don’t ask me why but this week has been the hardest one yet. I really do miss you guys. It’s finally real how long a mission really is. Good thing is, I can’t believe its almost been 2 months. The time fly’s here

Rawly: Lots of love. Talk to you in another 7 days, ha-ha.

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