Monday, August 12, 2013

Passing on a legend that was shared to Elder Lyle

A little something something
So I heard the craziest story the other day from an Indian here that we were teaching. 
He told us an old legend of his people. 

There was 3 days of darkness and horribleness when all of a sudden a figure appeared, he was the son of a virgin and a God dressed in all white. He came and taught them how to farm and how to cultivate the land as well as how to be good citizens. 
It is a commonly known legend here in South America, or this part of the South America. 
I forget their names of course, they are different from what I know.  Also in the legend it says the he would return from the East, and would bring with him justice to all mankind. 
Super awesome, huh? 
How can you not see that this is it! 
This is a verbal account of Jesus Christ in the America's 
Thought I would share this 

Lots of Love 
Elder Lyle

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