Monday, August 26, 2013

This week we got...LOADS of pictures!

We are rockin' it
Us: Hey does Elder Borg ever... Smile?
Rawly: He always is laughing and smiling just never in pictures. Ha-ha, something about a Dominican's ego. He always needs to look boss in pictures.

My scripture case that I had made... awesomeness!
The Back
The Front
Us: This just made me cry... You do realize that is the photo that I used on your handout for your baptism. It is also the picture that has ALWAYS hung in your room. I love that picture of Christ as a boy studying in the temple.
Rawly: Why do you think I used it...

Yeah... French Toast. I'm amazing
Us: That looks really good. I'm no longer feeling bad for you about what you eat...

Sunday is Special Breakfast Day

My breakfast every morning, Oatmeal
Us: Well that looks really good and healthy. Is that toasted coconut on top?
Rawly: Yes mam, I only did it once, had to take a pic. The rest of the time it's just oatmeal in a pot with some water, milk, banana and a strawberry

My Surprise Baptism
Us: This picture doesn't even look like you.
You look like you are heading to the Psych Ward

Evelyn got baptized
Us: I'm so EXCITED! She is adorable. 
I love you dressed in white
Rawly: Oh just wait, there is a story behind that white suit
Us: So do tell...
Rawly: It's coming. I'm working on it, it was a surprise.
(He told the story in his weekly letter)

After the baptism

The Best Duo
Goof Balls

This is where I write you from each week
Elder Borg writing his family

My view from our house

The new addition, awesome neighbor gift

Soaking Wet
Us: Is this during a rain storm? You look cold.
Rawly: It rains like crazy everyday. It's starting to be winter. This is my rainy day tie from the Bennion's, getting some use. :)
Us: Do you ever use that umbrella we bought??
Rawly: We do not use the umbrella, why? Because the Jehovah Witness's use umbrellas. We get wet because we are Saints of Jesus Christ.
Okay this was one of the best excuses we've heard for not using your umbrella

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