Monday, August 5, 2013

Pictures of Elder Lyle from the Florez Family

I received a message from the branch president's son, Sergio Perez asking me to accept a friend request from a family that are investigators:

Jersson will post pictures of your son.  send me recipe for rice coconut

Jersson Florez,
Hello I am a friend of the Elder Lyle in Cali Colombia. I hope you accept the request to send some pictures of our brother.

Rawly has been helping the Florez Family build their home...

Rawly helping build the house for the Florez Family
Rawly & his small worker, Sergio
The Florez Family
Jersey, Sergio, Jersson, Elena with Elder Lyle
Rawly with the other Sergio
Rawly & Elder Borg helping build the house
Rawly, Sergio, Jersey, Elena and Elder Borg
Elder Lyle doing what he LOVES best
Helping others... so so HAPPY!
Elder Lyle, Jersey, Elena Jersson Florez & Elder Borg
Crazy how they build house in Colombia... buckets??
The sweet Florez Family with Rawly
He loves teaching them the gospel and helping them build their home
I love that since his mission he seems to have learned how to clean up

Thank you Florez Family for sharing these pictures of Elder Lyle

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