Monday, August 12, 2013

Mission's are Hard and other facts

I’m becoming quite the chef if you ask me
Us: That looks really good... Nice to know that I taught you something that is useful in the mission. 
Here I was worried that you didn't know enough to live on your own :)

A gringa
Us: She is ADORABLE! Who is she?
Rawly: The Mona, her name is Katarina Restrepo 
Her mother is Sandra and is amazing. 
Her mother is hearing us and is awesome seriously. Sandra lives fairly close to us and when we were having the worst time in the world, we were in the middle of a rainstorm, couldn’t find anyone and she found us out her balcony.

Said goodbye to a missionary today
Us: So what was his name???
He looks familiar I think I have been reading his blog...
Rawly: Yes you have Elder Peterson

Rawly building a house in Cristales
Us:  Love the pictures. The ones with you in them....
You look like you are working hard!!! Is that water safe to drink??
Do you wear that shirt and shorts every Monday?

Rawly: I wear that shirt and shorts every service we do. We were working hard making a concrete foundation for a house. The water is safe here. Which is awesome. But we honestly never drink water it is always juice, or panella and limon. Panella is the preferred drink here. 
Oh I almost forgot to tell you to try this it is delicious. Very cold milk, and oatmeal in the blender, add a lot of honey or sugar and blend it. Then strain it. I don’t know if we have the very fine strainer at home. It is absolutely delicious and is my most favorite drink in the world. You have to try it seriously. Like OH MY GOSH. It is so good. I crave it, but milk is really expensive here.

Mr. Elder Borg
I admire him, seriously I look up to him, I just learn from him in his success and in his faults. I think he will be my best companion. 

Rawly: But the thing is, is that in terms of missionary work we accomplish a lot together and he does make me laugh, he constantly is rapping and has dreams of marrying Tarren and has her picture up in our room, which just makes me laugh. He does love you guys though and wants to visit you. When he goes to BYU, which I honestly think is a ship long sailed for him.

Us: Not sure if I tell you often enough... WE ARE SO SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! You are AMAZING!! Heavenly Father is looking down and loves you and is also so proud of you and the man you are becoming. Always, always stay close to your Heavenly Father and then you will know that you will be fine, more than fine, GREAT

Elder Jones from San Clemente, California
Another of Elder Jones...
Elder Ramierez & Elder Jones

Rawly: I love you so much, 
We are heading out. 
Lots of love
Talk to you in a week. 

Lots of love 
Elder Lyle

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