Monday, August 19, 2013

Only one picture this week and a request for some things...

Rawly: It was a really boring week due to the strike. We have to be really careful right now, so the only picture this week is….
Eggs 3 ways
Eggs poached, scrambled and fried, with a bed of potatoes. 
My special Sunday breakfast.

This is Lori. So sorry you and your companion are struggling. Remember charity, I know that sounds lame but whenever I was struggling that was always the best answer. Do the charity study in PMG and inform your mission president of your struggles if you need too. And remember you have a voice and a companionship should be an equal partnership. Love you I am proud of you
Rawly: Whenever I try to show my voice he says, “and what do you have that’s interesting to tell me” or ignores me and does what he wants. I really hope that I don’t kill him, missionary sense, as in his last companion he has. There’s one transfer left and he is really ready to go home. 

Rawly:  A list of stuff I’m dying to have in my life
Spices of any kind 
Especially curry, rosemary, and garlic
I would love to have cream of tartar if I could find a way to make cookies stove top, 
Spices are huge and I have no way to get them 
Cheese that melts. There is nothing here...
I love you lots 
Us: I will send you spice’s this week.
I hope they get there because cream of tarter looks like... cocaine???
And the rest may look like marijuana...

Lori: How is the lessons going?
Rawly: All I do is listen because I feel very inadequate with my Spanish in front of him because I do have a funky accent. My understanding has shot through the roof I understand almost everything now which is awesome. All I need now is a better accent. My accent is leaps and bounds ahead of the others yes, I have been blessed, but still, he kind of makes fun of me openly. How I have made mistakes and stuff like that it’s hard. I really am learning so much though. I just now am waiting to apply what I have learned in hopefully 5 weeks 
Lori: I am sorry hat you are having such a hard time. I love you and I am proud of you. Sometimes you just have to take it one day at a time.

Rawly: Things to add:
My families are doing amazing 
Evelyn will be baptized this Saturday and her grandma now has a date to be baptized the 7th of September. We are teaching her entire family now. Luz Dary will be baptized as well this Saturday, which her daughter is very excited about, she is a member. The familia Muñoz do not feel ready to be baptized but have the desire, which is huge. The familia Florez is waiting for the very Catholic raised mother, who no longer attends, to pray and receive a response. Sandra and her awesome children are growing immensely in the gospel and will hopefully be baptized the 7th of September as well. We continue to meet new people with tons of questions.
Us: Oh my gosh I am so happy for Evelyn and her grandmother :)
Your families sound amazing and I am so happy that at least in the work that you are finding happiness...

Rawly: Things are amazing here in Popayan. The city that all the missionaries want to go to because of the incredible beauty and weather. I think Popayan will forever be my home in Colombia no matter where I go. 

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