Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Change!

Wow, so June 4, 2013
I got a call today from the International MTC in regards to my spanish speaking skills. This is how it went.
Lady: Hello is this Rawlings Lyle
Me: Yes
Lady: Hi my name is Eileen, I'm here to test your spanish speaking skills for your mission, does that sound right?
Me: I guess? (Palms Sweating)
Eileen: Alright we will continue in the rest of our conversation in Spanish.
*In Spanish
Eileen: What did you do Yesterday?
Me: ( I Can't Remember what I said hahaha)
Eileen: What will you do tomorrow?
Me: I have the baccalaureate mass tomorrow for my graduation, we have practice in the morning at 10:45 and then the actual mass is at 6 in the afternoon.
Eileen: Why do you want to serve a mission?
Me: I want to serve a mission because of the personal experiences I have had in my own life in seeing God paved the way for this to be the next adventure in my life. I am thrilled to go on a mission and I can not wait to do the Lord's work, to serve him for the next two years of my life. I feel like it is a small sacrifice to make in terms of all that he has done for me in my own life.
*In English
Eileen: Well that will be good Rawlings thank you very much, so you do the pass the requirements to be considered as an advanced language missionary, would you be okay with only going to the MTC for two weeks?
Me: YEA!
Eileen: Alright well your date is now changed to either four weeks after your initial date or two weeks before.
(At this point I was little shell shocked, two weeks prior to my date would mean that I would leave in just two weeks! I was supposed to have a month left! There was no way I could wait for an month after my original date.)
Me: Two weeks sounds great!
Eileen: Alright sounds good you are now leaving the 18th of June.
Me: Thank you so much
Eileen: Have an awesome time on your mission
Me: Have a nice day!
Eileen: You too!
End of Conversation
        So, that is how my date got changed. Wow it has been CRAZY trying to get everything all figured out. My Endowment is now changed all my family has to change their dates to come, however if it happened this way there must be a greater plan. I am so excited I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing, I know that this will be the best two years of my life and I am just itching to get out and finally get to work. I am ready to serve.
This is Elder Lyle. I have a firm testimony in the restoration of the gospel and I know that this will be the most amazing adventure of my life. I leave in 5 days now. The date got changed again because my visa didn't come through. Hence I will no longer be going to the MTC in Colombia rather the good ole MTC in Provo Utah. I'm so pumped 5 Days!!! That is like a school week.
I graduated 1 week ago. I am ready to leave in 5 days. This is an amazing wave I am riding right now. All my love
Abrazo Fuerte
Elder Lyle

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