Tuesday, June 25, 2013

FINALLY an email from Elder Lyle!

Hey so sorry that it has been so long, oh my gosh, it has been NUTS. I have absolutely no time to even breathe let alone send an email. Hermana Dyer finally had to tell my teachers to give me some time to come and write this. This email will not be very long, my long one will come tomorrow when I can talk about everything that has been happening over the past few days;
Being forgotten at the airport,
Almost not getting through customs,
Becoming a leader in the CCM,
Almost dying...just kidding, hahahaha, no.
This has been the most amazing experience. I love it here. I do have to say that I am struggling a bit with my Spanish, though I am doing a lot better than others. I have no idea how the others do it because although I feel like I understand a lot there is still so much that I feel like I miss and I speak much better Spanish than the other North American's. I absolutely love my companion. He is from Cartagena and is the best companion in the world. It's so hard to understand him though, he has the Caribbean accent where they just chop stuff off their words. He is hilarious, always laughing and telling jokes, it is actually the best match ever. He is so patient with me, it is so awesome. I have to go now, I have had my 5 minutes to breathe and write this really quick message.
I'll talk to you tomorrow, just know:
I am having such an amazing time.
I am more than okay, and
I love you with all my heart.
The gospel is TRUE! In all languages.
All my love,
Elder Lyle

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