Monday, June 24, 2013

Another call from the MTC in Bogota

Well Sister Dyer called again tonight. For all those that know Rawly you will not be surprised by this...they can't find his immunization records. Classic Rawly he has no idea where they are. I informed Sister Dyer that this was his worst trait, the absent minded professor trait. She wanted me to know that she was somewhat glad to hear that he had a bad trait because they thought he didn't have one :)
She told me that she loves his smile because it just lights up the whole room. I know that smile and it is one of the million things I miss about him.
She also wanted to let me know that he was made a district leader. He's been there only a few days and already doing a great job. 
I asked how he is doing and she said he is happy and doing well. We are so glad to hear that because we had been curious to know how he was getting on. She was so surprised that he hadn't emailed us yet...hum, well that isn't a surprise. I said all along that he would leave home and never look back. We hope to hear from him soon or this blog is going to have not to much to read about.
Hopefully our next post will be an actual letter from him. 

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