Monday, February 23, 2015

So this week was an epic killer

This week was so much fun
We have not slept all week I feel, and it’s awesome. We started Zone conferences, and Elder Gomez and I are doing great together.

Friday we were with the missionaries in Popayan. It was so awesome to work with them, they have some super awesome people that are hearing about the gospel there.

Then Friday night at 10 Elder Gomez and I left on a bus for Ipiales. Oh my gosh it was a packed bus; there was practically nowhere to sit and a super bumpy ride let me tell you, hahaha. We finally arrived in Ipiales around 5:30am, just in time to get one hour of sleep before going to work with Elder Rojas and Elder Inman in Ipiales. 
I love working here in the southern part of the mission. The people here are so incredible and understand the gospel so well. 

We left Ipiales Sunday night and got here to Pasto around 10 and today, Elder Gomez and I said, “Hey we are in Pasto we might as well take advantage of the mountains” and we went on a hike. It was a long hike but it was epic! 
We were gone from 10 until 4 

That is one of the things that I wanted to share with you all. 
The hike we took was more like of an exploration. We knew that there was a path that would take us to a waterfall but we felt like we were in too much of a hurry to be sure of where the path was. So thinking well the waterfall is somewhere over there, let’s just make our way up. We got lost and very lost. We were in the middle of the bushes with thorns trying to make our way. Finally we decided okay we have to make it back to the first path we found. 
We started up the path and found that it was leading us in the right direction. But many times you would think, this is not the path, there is no way THIS is a path, as it was over run with bushes on the side of a cliff and honestly you could barely see nothing.

However as you followed the path just a little bit further the bushes would clear a little bit and you could see a small yet marked path of trodden grass that assured us that it was the correct path. We followed this path for 2 and half hours climbing the side of the volcano. Finally after working very hard we made it to the waterfall and it was gorgeous by the way.

Many times it is the same with our life and the gospel. We first may feel we can make it on our own, but along the path we find ourselves in the midst of blackberry bushes and weeds that you almost feel helpless to move forward. 
That is when we must make our way to the "straight and narrow path" as we continue along this path there will be times that we feel that we are lost again, that we honestly have been following a rabbit trail instead of something of worth. However if we endure just a little bit longer the blessings always come to confirm that what we are doing is correct, and that we are on the straight and narrow path. 
Endure to the End
Today I was reflecting a lot about the importance of this phrase. Sometimes we will have to make those leaps of faith that make us question if we are on the right path. However, as we continue forward with our minds eye only set on returning to live with our Heavenly Father, we will get there. 
Just keep pushing. 
I love you so much 
You are all my inspiration. 
All things are possible through Christ, and only through Christ
Lots of Love
Elder Lyle

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