Monday, September 22, 2014

Well, super short letter this week...

So last week I spent the entire week in meetings in Cali. We got to meet Elder Scott Grow, which was a super awesome experience. He taught us about how our work as missionaries has completely changed. I then got a moment to talk to him alone and he asked me about my family. Even though he knew absolutely nothing before, he asked me for a copy of my story, which I will send right now, my conversion story.  
The rest of the week I spent working with the sisters on the pensionistas, (I think this means menu) and the new type of food.
Natalia’s baptism happened this last week, which was the highlight of the week for sure. It was so awesome to see her progress since we first met her through her cousin Brandon who was less active. 

I love what I do here. 
This week we shouldn’t have soooooo much to do. My time was cut short today because I was writing my letter for Elder Scott Grow. 
I love you all         
Hope you like the pictures 
Talk to you next week 

Elder Lyle

We Rock our socks

Elder Tidei is going home
First time I've seen him since Ipilaes, last year.

Not for the faint of heart, hahaha
This looks sanitary...

What happens to things in Buenaventura
This poor shirt spent a couple of days outside in the rain

Happy Birthday to the best companion ever
Elder Campos

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