Monday, August 18, 2014

Lots of pictures this week, although if you are week in the stomach you should avoid the last photo

We preach in all places, and all moments

Cali Madness with the office missionaries

We can do this!

Tamale the size of my face

Tamale finished
I'm about to die

Joseph getting baptized

The fam bam

Elder Campos, Elder Donoso & Elder Jara

Lunch today, fish soup
Yeah, it actually was delicious, head and all

Elder Inman kissing his fish

Elder Sacco, 
Elder Rowley, ya this is the elder who has the name :)
and Elder Tolentino

Brandon & I 

Some elder's love Colombian fast food
Elder Duban & Elder Sacco

We have a pet gecko
We even named him

If you don't need a hand
May I offer you a leg?

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