Monday, August 25, 2014

An Interesting Week

So this week was super awesome, why?

Well it all started Wednesday when went to the jungle. First we took a jeep for a long while into the jungle up until a point called the Devils Curve. Then we all got out of the jeep and started our trek into the jungle. At this point we are now full on hiking, the trail is not exactly marked. We are crossing rivers on sticks, which are super slippery and I saw a coral snake.
Yeah it’s official, I’m in Buenaventura and it’s super awesome. 

I’m super excited because as of this Wednesday Buenaventura will have it’s first sister missionaries in the history of the city.

So I made frappuccino’s, yeah that’s right but don’t worry they’re coffee free.

We also did a karaoke night with Brandon.

I love my area, I love Buenaventura. It’s one of my favorite areas that I’ve served in. I’m so excited that I made it through transfers! I get to stay here. I hope I can pull the next 6 months out in this area. I love it here.

This week we taught a bunch of people. Our area is the most successful right now in all of Buenaventura. The assistants told us that Buenaventura is the best zone in the mission right now! It’s such an amazing zone, the missionaries are so obedient and the Lord helps us so much with our investigators with our goal to help the members and investigators to have spiritual experiences. I just love it here. 
This week was the first week in this transfer that the zone didn’t have any baptisms, but don’t worry we start right back up this Saturday with more baptisms. Have I mentioned that I love it here; the people are so ready to hear the gospel. 

Your challenge this week: 
Invite the missionaries over to eat, and invite one person that is not a member or has never heard of the church. I know it will be an awesome experience. 

I love you all so much
Elder Rawly Lyle

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