Monday, August 11, 2014

Cali Madness

This week went by way too fast.

Tuesday we went to Cali. The funny thing is when Elder Campos and I got to Cali we were freezing hahaha. All the elders that had come in from Pasto and Ipiales were all dying of heat and we thought it was so cold we had to sleep with fleece blankets. It didn’t help that we still had some major motion sickness from the bus ride to Cali from Buenaventura. It started with a small fender bender we were in right as we left, which put us behind, so the bus driver drove like a maniac and got to Cali in 2 hours. Normally it is a drive of 3 hours to 3 ½ hours. It’s a super nasty road through the Andes with ups and downs, tunnels and cliffs. We stepped off the bus and I thought that I had been in a boat for like 2 months. Everyone was puking in the bus except for me, having the un-ability to vomit after my surgery has served me well in the mission, ha-ha. On the way back everyone puked again, its just part of the experience of traveling in and out of Buenaventura.

The leadership council was super awesome super inspiring, things about how we can be better missionaries. When everything finished up we brought 2 pizzas back with us from Dominos for us and Elder Donoso and Elder Sacco.

So right now we are teaching an 18-year-old boy called Joseph, he’s super awesome, although he didn’t want to get baptized this week. However the rest of the zone had an awesome week and we baptized 6 people this last Saturday. We did the baptisms in a river 30 minutes from the chapel. As zone leader I’m in charge of calling the busses to get us from to the chapel to the river. We were a little late in getting to the chapel Saturday cause we were helping finishing up a contract job on a house for the sister missionaries who will be coming here to Buenaventura. When we got to the chapel we noticed that the 2 busses we had asked for were not going to be enough for all the people that showed up for the baptisms. We called for another bus and those who could leave we sent them off to the river to wait us.
My life is nothing stress, I love it... hahaha.

Yesterday we had an awesome experience, we taught some new investigators:
Anthony who is 19 and his girlfriend. 
We watched the testaments which is about when Jesus Christ came down to the Americas after his resurrection. 
It was an awesome experience, everyone cried, we asked them if they would prepare to get baptized on the 6th of September and they all said yes, immediately.

It’s a powerful thing, the knowledge AND testimony that Jesus Christ visited the America’s after his resurrection. 
In the New Testament in the book of John it says.
John 10:16 
16. And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold and one shepherd.
Who are these other sheep?

To understand this, one must first understand God’s role as our one and only Eternal Father.
He loves all his children the same.
If you have 2 children far from your home and Christmas time roles around which of the two are you going to call to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to?
Would you choose only one?
OR would you call both?
You would call both obviously, you love both the same they are your children.

Our Heavenly Father had two children, one in Jerusalem and the other here in the Americas long ago.
When God sent prophets to teach what he expected of his children in Jerusalem you can bet he did that same thing here in the Americas.
All the prophets in the Old Testament had one thing to teach:
That the Messiah would come, both here in the Americas and in Jerusalem. 
The prophets taught of the coming of the Messiah. 
The disciples waited for him when he told them he had other sheep to visit, they did not fully comprehend. 
Many people try to interpret this scripture in their own way and manner today, however we know he spoke of the other children of God here on the American Continent. 
After his resurrection, Jesus Christ came and presented himself to those who lived here in the American Continent and thus fulfilled what Jesus Christ had said so far away in what is considered the Holy Land. 

I testify that this is the church of Jesus Christ in these latter days and those who have chosen his church are called the saints.

This is the church of Christ 
The Redeemer of the World. 

Share this knowledge with someone this week:
That Christ came to the American Continent long ago to fulfill John 10:16

I love you all 
Have an amazing week
Elder Rawly Lyle 

PS We have electricity

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