Monday, June 16, 2014

It rains coffee and ash

Well, my life has actually been incredibly, incredibly, incredibly.... DIFFICULT!

This last week we have been majorly stressed out because my companion and I along with the rest of the zone have goals to meet!!!!!

I love the stress it actually does me some good to feel like I’m going to yank out every last hair I have left, ha-ha-ha.

My companion and I haven’t spent practically anytime together because we are constantly traveling to visit the other areas in splits. We are always with other elders trying to make sure that all those baptismal dates are going good and that everyone is on track.
That is our job to make sure that all the companionships are going well and that all the investigators are doing well too.

This week was incredible with the amount of time we just spent out of the house. Including one night when our landlord painted the door shut by accident and we had to open the back door with a broomstick through the window...long story. Ha-ha-ha 

My diet is lulo a fruit here and ice. I make snow cones every day for breakfast and dinner, lots of nutrition there. Its fast and ice and lulo is cheep sooooo… ha-ha, ya know. I guess it’s a good thing I really like fruit.

One of the awesome experiences that happened to me this week was yesterday. 
Yesterday we were in the chapel and I had the opportunity to help Rodger, my blind friend, pass the sacrament. He is 18 years old and AWESOME. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve had in my life as Rodrigo passed the sacrament to all the members. I was leading him to all the benches and telling him when to extend the hand and everything. It was so amazing and made me think about; 
The incredible beauty of what is the sacrament. 
Every week we go to the chapel to renew our baptismal covenants. When we partake of the sacrament we are practical having another baptism. Every week we are made whole again. Maybe not physically but spiritually we are renewed and ready for the next week.

Since some of you want to know what it’s like here in Bugalagrande, I’ll tell you. 
It’s rolling hills and beautiful, super green. It’s not quite as hot as Cali and only has 250,000 people, which compared to the 3.5 million of Cali is a little town. The weather is weird here because ash is constantly falling. Always these little ash flakes are in the air because they burn sugar cane fields constantly. So it’s not abnormal to run your hands through your hair and find them stained with black afterwards. It constantly smells like coffee and chocolate because the NestlĂ© factory is here. All the chocolate and coffee products in Valle are produced here which makes it always smell delicious. I actually really like it here. It’s super calm. The calmest part of my mission I think, it’s even calmer than Ipiales. 

My companion is leaving in a week to go home. So I’ll be getting a new companion in a week. Rumor has it that after just 2 weeks of training of how to be a zone leader I will be the trainer for another.... crazy. 

Things are going good 

I don’t have a scripture for you all today because I didn’t have time to prepare anything. We had some crazy stuff to do today in terms of the house and gas pipes... another LONG story, ha-ha. 

Well I love you all and I leave you with this challenge for the week. 

How often do we talk with our parents? 
How often do we tell the people who raised us that we love them? 
How often do we think to do service for another and not for our families? 

This week pick a night to honor your parents. Pick a night to take them out to dinner just to say thanks for being your ma and pa. It’s the smallest things that count the most, that is what I’ve found here on my mission. 

I love you all 
Do your homework and 
Tell me how it went. 
I have only received 3 emails in my whole mission on how it went with a challenge, 1 was from my mother and 2 from my grandma sooo… let me know!

Love you all 

Elder Lyle

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