Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In trouble with Hermana Prince & His Mom

No letter this week...
After not hearing from Rawly on Monday I sent an email to Hermana Prince worried about his welfare since I am fairly unreachable at this time and not knowing if he safely made it to his new area or not. This is what she sent back.
Sister Lyle, I just got off the phone with Elder Lyle. He apologetically said he did NOT write to you yesterday. They traveled into the zoo and they got back to their area late and did not have time to go to the internet.
I told him that hopefully he has learned his lesson...
1st thing we do on P-Day is write to our mothers.
I gave him permission to go to the internet and send you a BRIEF note explaining that he would write more next week. He sighed and said, "I knew this would happen!" 
He is well. 
Hugs, Hermana Prince

Rawly's response was VERY brief.
Here it is:

Hey, just wanted to say I'm alright and that everything is good. We had a really awesome day yesterday, (which was Monday) as we went to the zoo.... for  a little too long and, well we couldn't write our families. Sister Prince bit our heads off. Everything is good. 
Thanks for the birthday wishes.
It's hot.
Talk to you next week.

Elder Lyle

So this is what we do know: 
Rawly is safe and sound in his new area
It is somewhere in Cali, not sure where
And he will write next week.
Hum... Not a happy Mom this week.

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