Monday, March 10, 2014

Just in from Presidente Prince

Estimado Élder Lyle -  

Your new area needs you!  You will be District Leader in a good ward with a legacy of successful proselyting. Gain the confidence of your Bishop right up front.  Set up a meeting with him at his convenience and ask him what he expects of you or would like you to do in particular.  If you can win his confidence early, it will be a great blessing going forward.  Be sure to fulfill and complete whatever he asks you to do.

In your apartment, there will be four of you, and it is important that you establish and maintain a cheerful but completely obedient atmosphere.  One member of each companionship has already been there for at least one transfer, so they will be able to help you in meeting members, investigators, etc.

The key is to win these Elders´ admiration and respect early on.  It is much easier to be a little "reglista" and establish obedience up front than it is to try to "get it back" later on.  Don´t be slack for the sake of winning everybody´s immediate friendship. I need that district to be focused on its missionary objective.  Watch out for too much casual, light-minded behavior around members and investigators, especially.  If you need help, start with your Zone leaders.  I will be here, of course, to help as well.  You will do a great job.

Presidente Jonathan M. Prince
Mision Colombia Cali

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