Monday, March 10, 2014



I’m on my way to Cali
That’s right everyone I’m on my way to the Salsa dancing capital of the world
where the heat is intense and the music is loud

This week we had a very difficult time in my old area. We barely had any one who received us. All our appointments fell through so we did a huge service project with the Earzo Family. Their septic tank broke. So we dug all the tubes out and emptied out the septic tank with buckets. I have never done something more disgusting in my life but it was incredible to see that after we did the service, (after everyone had been watching us in our white shirts digging up the pipes and taking out the crap), how everyone started to accept us and our area shot through the roof in terms of acceptance. (So wished there were some pictures of this...)

I’m sorry I don’t have a message for you this week, I was way busy packing up my house, which is a DISASTER right now. It’s crazy how much crap you can accumulate from gifts of little things that you buy in four and a half months, ha-ha. So that is where I am right now, trying to figure out how to pack up all my crap into my suit case. 

Ipiales is hard and easy to say goodbye to. It’s been a really hard area for me. Really emotionally draining, like living in eternal winter. So to go to the heat, well, I’m kind of super excited, the people are:
WAY more active there, 
WAY more happy 
Vamos Bien

It’s hard to say goodbye to some families. Like the:

Vidal Family, it’s been really hard to say goodbye to them

Erazo Family, David. He still doesn’t no that we are going to leave, we are going to tell him right now

The Benavides Family

The Aza Family

The members of the church here are very awesome, super kind and super loving. It will be hard to say goodbye to them. 

It looks like I will be replacing a good friend of mine. Elder Jones. From what I heard, I don’t know if it is correct or not. But it seems I will be replacing Elder Jones in my new area. My new companion will be another Chilean, his name is Elder Lopez. 
President Prince has a list of 5 missionaries in the mission who he never could understand number 1 was Elder Cha the Argentine that was in my district that went home last week, he was SUPER hard to understand even the other latinos couldn’t understand him. 
Number 3... Elder Lopez. 
Ha-ha, I’ve heard only super awesome things about him, he’s super happy, super excited all the time and from what I’ve heard from the President we are going to be very good for each other. We are going to have a lot of fun together it sounds like. I’m super excited. (Actually President Prince should be WORRIED that he put those two together.)

I’m not quite sure where I’m going in Cali. I know I’m going to a zone called San Fernando but what my area is called I have no idea. Some say Israel, others say Jamundi. If it’s Jamundi I’ll be in the rural areas again. I have no idea.

The transfers from Ipiales are: 
Elder Lyle
Elder Hogan 
and Elder Aguilera. 

I’m excited to start over again in a new area. 

Everyone I hope you have an AMAZING week, 
That you embrace the new beginnings that present themselves in your lives 

Love you all
Elder Lyle

Franklin Almeida sent this picture of Rawly
This was his last Family Home Evening before leaving Ipiales
Franklin said: 
Hi Sister Lyle, we're very sad due to your son is going to go out from Ipiales tomorrow. He is going to Cali. 
You have an excellent solider of God
We love him so much
(It is so wonderful to hear from the members of where he is teaching)

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