Saturday, May 23, 2015

Amazing last weeks in the mission field

This weeks I had an amazing experience.
I did divisions in Popayan. I was able to see a few people that I knew while I was working in the area.

For example, I was in an appointment when a member showed up, she looked at me and her eyes widened and she said, "YOU TAUGHT MY FATHER." That's when I remember teaching an elderly dude with cancer in the middle of no where. He had told Elder Borg and I that he wanted to be baptized and that is all he wanted. The problem was that he couldn't get to church. We called to see what we should do and President Prince told us that if he gets baptized in this life or the next it doesn't matter all that matters is that he has the desire to repent.
He died the following week.
The family has now taken his name to the temple and had him sealed to his family for time and all eternity.
How incredible is the gospel.

I also say the Flores Family, I love them. 
They are doing great and are very strong in the gospel. When I served there in the beginning of my mission I had been teaching the mother of the family, but she had never wanted to go to church. 2 years later I found out that she had gone to church with her family this past Sunday and that she had made an appointment to meet with the missionaries. I was able to go to that appointment. 
We went and taught them about the temple and it was a super spiritual moment, in which all that were present left with a new vision and goals concerning the temple, including myself.
I love the gospel

I have been reading the Book of Mormon like a feen recently. I have a goal to finish it in 2 weeks... I've already made my way through chapter 23 in Alma. 
As I read the Book of Mormon consecutively I have gained a larger understanding of many things, and it has touched my soul even deeper. Every time I read the Book of Mormon I can feel myself coming closer to my Heavenly Father.
I love this gospel

Listen to the missionaries if you haven't already.

Love you all
Elder Lyle

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