Saturday, January 31, 2015


This week I wanted to talk about Growth. 

This week was awesome. 
Tuesday Elder Walker and I left to do divisions with the zone leaders in Pasto and Ipiales. I was excited to go back to Ipiales and it was so awesome. 

I just love to do divisions with the zone leaders. One of the coolest things about going back to Ipiales was because while I was there I got to attend the same church with the zone leaders that I attended while serving there. So I got to see pretty much everybody again, the hard part is that I can’t call anyone to tell them that I am there. The reason for the divisions is to help the zone leaders and their area, not to go and visit, so that was the hardest part. However something awesome happened.
We went to a Family Home Evening and there waiting in the Family Home Evening was David Erazo. He is one of the strongest people that I have taught and baptized. He was baptized the 22nd of February last year, he is so awesome. When we saw each other we hugged and he started to tell me all about his life this last year. Then I noticed he was with a friend so I said hi, he told me his name was Javier. 
Later in the Family Home Evening David took out his scriptures (now marked thoroughly with colored pencil) and started to give his testimony on how much he loves the gospel. How he was compelled to share the gospel with his friend Javier and help teach him the gospel with the missionaries and how he baptized him. I honestly couldn’t help tearing up a bit.
David is one of the most important people I had taught. 
I was teaching him and his family when my Dad died last year, he is one of the reasons I knew I had to stay here in Colombia to fulfill my mission, because I knew people like him needed me.
It was incredible, and a moment where I knew that my Heavenly Father wanted me to know that I was doing what he wants me to do. I love this gospel. It was amazing to see the difference in the lives of some of the people. David was the most incredible difference. Every single day he and Javier go and visit someone in need, and share spiritual messages with the downhearted.

As we were walking to another appointment I saw María. María was a lady that Elder Aguilera and I had taught for weeks along with her husband. She eventually kicked me out of the house, although when Elder Aguilera and I left the Ipiales area at the same time, the new missionaries found Maria and her husband’s teaching record in our area book. They went to call on them at their house and when they got to the house they said, "We are the other two missionaries and we want you to get baptized!" And that following Saturday after Elder Aguilera and I had left they were baptized. Maria found me in the street and started to cry, she thanked me for teaching her the gospel and her husband. Her husband is now the Priesthood class teacher and they are planning to go to the temple when they reach the 1-year mark of being baptized. She told me that she was so grateful for our endurance in teaching them because she was so "hard-hearted” which were her exact words. I was hearing her talk about the gospel and how she used all the correct terminology like calling me Elder and not Hermano, and I honestly I started to tear up again. The woman that was standing in front of me was not the same that I had taught a little under a year ago. She had changed so much she seemed to shine happiness. The Maria that I knew was kind of bitter and closed-minded. This Maria had a love for her Savior that was evident in all that she does.

It is incredible to see the development of a testimony. 
It’s incredible to see the growth in people who I have taught and also to see it in myself as well. 
I love this gospel. It is what helps me understand who I am and my purpose in life. I love to know that we have the restored church of Jesus Christ and that he is the one at its head. That we can never be led wrong because He is the one that guides it through his Prophet.

This week we were also able to see the baptism of Mateo and his confirmation (the guy that got baptized last Saturday) He is so awesome and he is going to help us teach today.

I love the people I teach and have taught. They are honestly such special people. 
I love this gospel so much and for all things that it offers us. 
I know that the Book of Mormon and The Bible to be the word of God. That the book of Mormon has great power to change the lives of those who read it. 
I invite you all to watch the following video it’s amazing.

I love you all 
Elder Lyle

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