Saturday, November 22, 2014

So many pictures of cooking Thanksgiving dinner... YUM!

These boys cooked up a storm!
Elder Jones washing the turkey
Making the stuffing
Stuffing the turkey
This is one BIG turkey all wrapped up in bacon
Elder Jones blessing the turkey
More epic food we made
(Not sure what this is...)
Wow asparagus in Colombia
Candied carrots
We burnt the almonds so we went to throw them away and they burnt through the bag...
What a mess
This is one BIG turkey!
Making gravy
Checking on the turkey
Mission Home Elders
Elder ?, Elder Jones & Elder Rebolledo
Elder Jones & Sister Pricoli
Delicious epic Thanksgiving dinner in Colombia!
The Thanksgiving Table
Elder Jones & Elder Lyle getting ready to enjoy this awesome spread

And a few fun pictures from the
Oldest Bakery in Cali
These ladies are so cute
Elder Jones in the background ordering something up

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