Saturday, November 22, 2014

HAPPY THANKSGIVING... Listico listico listicooo

Hey everyone. 
Well another awesome week here in the mission, never a dull moment...

This week we had to say goodbye to 18 missionaries
Elder Lyle & Elder Rocha
Hermana Cruz & Elder Lyle

And we said hello to 24 newbies
Elder Lyon

Honestly, my favorite day is when the new missionaries get here. My job is to bring all the new North American missionaries to the notary to get their Colombian ID's. 
So while we were there I realized that this time I didn’t have any secretaries with me to help with the Elders. I needed to keep the Elder's busy that were done while I helped the others. So I grabbed some pass-a-long cards from my suit pocket and told the Elders that when they were finished with their paperwork that they couldn’t go far but they had to contact at least 1 person before they could come back. The truth is... it was awesome. Such an awesome experience for them and in less than 20 minutes we had like 12 referrals to pass along to various missionaries in Cali.
Afterwards we took them all to Cristo Rey and then to a baptism. 
The following day was transfers. 
Transfers are always so hard. We have 190 missionaries gather together in one terminal and all the terminal police are like, “we need you out of here”, and the new missionaries are so hyped on the pass-a-long cards that they are talking to everyone in the terminal and people are complaining. I love it, I’m not going to lie, it’s one of the things that I like most to do here. How great to have people complaining that we are talking to too many people, hahaha I love it! 
You Go Colombia Cali Mission!

After all the new missionaries had left Elder Jones and I got prepared. Prepared to have Thanksgiving. We decided that due to so many things that will happen next week we had to do Thanksgiving this week. So we did Thanksgiving a week early, it was epic. 
We started early Thursday morning; Elder Jones and I cooked up a storm and made an incredible Thanksgiving for all the missionaries in the office, no recipes, all creativity and a spatula. Not going to lie it was a lot of fun. We cooked a turkey, wrapped in bacon. I’m sorry but you can’t get more American than that. 
Elder Jones with the turkey
We felt it was naked...
So we wrapped it in bacon

Thursday night we had a great night. We all sat at the table like a big family and talked about the things that we are thankful for. 

We talked mostly about the incredible sacrifice that our Savior made for us, and His atonement. It is incredible all the things that we have in our life because of Him. At times we don’t realize exactly how incredible His life was, how it started and how it ended. 

I love this gospel. 

Yesterday President called us to his house. He had recently learned of a program that the church will launch concerning Christmas. Truth is that it will be amazing. It’s called... 
“He is the Gift”
Things are happening that have never happened before in the history of the Church. This Christmas will be excellent and many people will hear about the real meaning of Christmas. So we are starting this program here in Colombia on Tuesday. We will be bringing the entire mission to Cali on Monday so that we can train them about what we will now do in the mission. It will be incredible. 

So that is pretty much my week. 

I love you all and all the things that you do. 

3 Nephi 12:15 
15. Behold do men light a candle and put it under a bushel? Nay, but on a candlestick, and it giveth light to all that are in the house;”

So this is what you all should do this week for Thanksgiving:
It’s easy to just say thank you around the table Thursday night, but this week what we should do is something more... 
This week, show your gratitude and share what you are thankful for with others. Make it a weeklong experience if you can. Who said you could only say you are thankful on Thursday? Show others that you are grateful for what God has given you.

I am thankful for my Family.
I am thankful for this Gospel.
I am thankful for the incredible opportunity that I have received to serve a full time mission. 

I love you 
I hope you all have a great week
Elder Lyle

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