Saturday, October 25, 2014

Found time today to answer some questions

Asking Rawly how he likes working with President Pricoli…

I love them.  It’s good I speak Spanish so well most people think I’m caleño now so that’s pretty awesome. The thing is there are white people here in Cali, and now that I live in Santa Rita they all think I’m from here.
Spanish is not a problem so President and Sister Pricoli put me in as a Latin assistant. Normally my position is filled by a Latin but they choose me. Super cool.
Oh my gosh they are so nice. I spend a lot of time with them now. 

I like working in the mission home a lot. I practically don’t sleep.
It’s kind of stressful being the example for all the missionaries in the mission. These interviews are killing Elder Walker and I… hahahaha. It’s actually hysterical to see us sometimes. 
We were like the walking dead teaching the companionship yesterday we woke up at 4 and by the afternoon we honestly are laughing so hard that we can barely teach. It’s bad hahaha. It’s like the late night giggles but at 5 in the afternoon hahaha. 
Although it’s super humbling to see how much all the missionaries look up to us. We are in charge of the mission pretty much. Like next week when President and Sister Pricoli go to Bogota we are in charge of the whole shebang for 3 days. It’s kind of nerve wracking, the area presidency calls us to see how things are going. We just have to keep showing the best example we can. I have to know every companionship in the mission, where they are, who they are, and how much time they have in the mission, but I’m loving it.
I used to be able to pull all nighters all the time for school but for some reason I didn’t have the baggy eyes that we have. I think it’s also the stress load and the sadness that we feel as we have to make hard decisions like tell missionaries that they have to go to another area when they don’t want to or saying good-bye to others as they go home. It’s nothing like homework; I understand why Moses came down from Mt. Sinai like 40 years older… ha-ha.

I had my first baptism here in Terron Colorado yesterday Saraí she’s awesome. 

Living in the big city is awesome. Although I’m not in Cali I’m in the mountains. Look up Terron Colorado in Google and you will see it’s the exit from Cali to Buenaventura. So it’s not quite the huge city but still the same thing. Where I live in Santa Rita it is SUPER RICH. But Terron Colorado is pretty humble but I really like it. Santa Rita is at the foot of the mountain and then when you start your way up on the other side of the street it’s Terron. There's a huge difference, on one side of the street is like SUPER rich and the other has cement floors.

I asked him if he was still tracking…

Of course, DUH I’m a missionary. Terron Colorado is my area. It is a huge mountain so we have to go to our area hanging on to the back of a jeep like that picture I sent to you guys when I was in Popayan.
(One of my favorites)

And then I asked: 
We could use some new pictures…

I need to buy a new camera... Why?
Well the best way to put it is that I don’t have it anymore. So I'll have to buy a new one.
Hum, I believe that will be a story for after the mission for his mom... 

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