Monday, February 17, 2014

Hey Mom I'm on TV...

So the new chapel was built here in Ipiales and the News Channel showed up. Each one of us got interviewed; people are now recognizing us on the street because of the 1-hour program that everyone saw on TV. Because of this new chapel we have had beautiful baptisms and the hearts of the people are changing here. 

We have recently started teaching less active members. We are teaching more less active members than investigators, its crazy, but recently I have a found a love for it. We are teaching around 8 less actives right now who are excited to come back to church. It’s been super awesome teaching them and seeing the difference in their lives. 

Where I live it’s really weird, it can be super cold outside and you get home in the night to find that you spent the day under the Caribbean sun and currently look like a tomato, its awesome ha-ha. Guess that’s what the sun is like when you live at 9000ft on the equator.

So, something funny. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting, we are currently teaching a dude who’s kind of different, and yesterday as everyone was giving their testimonies our investigator went to the pulpit (his first time in church) and told a story about a father who gave his heart to his dying daughter, when he finished he said amen and sat down with the branch president up front on the podium. Everyone was so confused as to who he was and my companion and I were about to explode laughing. It was so awesome.

The Erazo family is doing awesome, although its just David who is going to get baptized this week. They belong to another church and when the pastor heard that they were receiving us they went to talk to the family. One member of the family, Jefferson, is still devoted to the other church, and he attacked us the next time we visited saying why the church is wrong. It was pretty sad to see him say a bunch of things against our faith mostly because he was so wrong. We continued to show him how every single thing the pastor told him was incorrect or is correct according to the Bible. 
One he didn’t believe in the resurrection, that is something that a lot of people have trouble believing. However using the Bible we can read some very interesting scriptures.
1 Corinthians 15

In the Gospel of Jesus Christ we believe so much in the resurrection. We know that we will all be resurrected in the second coming of Jesus Christ. If we don’t believe in the resurrection why believe in Jesus Christ. Our faith is in vain. If you don’t believe me check the Bible, please.
1 Corinthians

We use the Bible a lot here in my mission. I honestly can say I teach with the Bible more than the Book of Mormon. 

We as members of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believe in the Bible, in the Book of Mormon, in the Doctrine and Covenants, and in the Pearl of Great Price.
We should treat them all with respect, as they are all scriptures of God. 

That leads me to my Challenge for you this week
Read 1 Corinthians 15
And please watch the new bible videos from the Church they are powerful and amazing.

Love you all 
Elder Lyle

Pictures of their little helpers:
Little missionaries knocking on doors

Our little missionaries

Here they are ladies & gentleman

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