Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello all!

May I just say I love you all!

This week I have spent a lot of time contemplating just how much I love being a missionary. 
I gave a baptismal interview last week that was incredible, a woman with very many difficulties that had been going through the process of repentance for a very long time without fully understanding how to feel closure. She didn’t understand how could someone who had done so much wrong in her life ever fully be clean of her past actions, how she could personally feel at peace. 
So that made me think, for a real long while, about the atonement.

This week I will be presenting my challenge at the front of the email. 

I want you all to read this incredible talk if you can: 

SO how have you all been?
How has school been going?

I just want to say that this has been the most incredible experience.
I love being a missionary.
Sometimes it is difficult, I won’t lie. Sometimes missionaries carry huge weights on their shoulders as they become devoted and integrated into the lives of those they teach. 

I love you all. Please if you know a missionary; please tell them that they are loved. Those are just a few words that can change a missionary’s day. 

This past week we have been teaching more of our families. We have been helping them in any way that we can. I love my families. 

I started Insanity (a type of workout program) this last week, I feel like I’m going to die ha-ha. It’s like Dry Land Training all over again but even worse. 

There isn’t really anything incredible that has been happening in our lives recently. 

We dedicated a new chapel here in Ipiales so we now have two in this city. It is really far from where I live so we really don’t get to use it. 

I love the missionary work here.

I know that I gave you your challenge already to read that talk, however I also have a new challenge for you. 
The church put out new videos of the life of Jesus Christ. If you can make it a habit to watch at least one of these videos daily I promise you will have a better day. 

Copy and paste this address into your URL bar. Seriously some awesome videos

I love you all 
Elder Lyle
PS Happy Valentines DAY

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