Monday, December 30, 2013

The Kiss part 2

Well what a week family and friends,

Getting to Skype with my family for the first time and talking to them after 6 months was pretty awesome a little difficult when you can’t speak Spanglish though, ha-ha.

Thursday I ate fried guinea pig with the little paws and all, quite an honor really as it is the most expensive food that you can buy here in NariƱo. 

Saturday was the Day of the Innocents, so what does that mean: 
It’s kind of like April Fools Day but you throw water on people. So what does the city of Ipiales do to fight that? They shut off all water in the city for 48 hours without telling anyone a thing. Well that made things interesting.

Another interesting thing that happens here on the Day of the Innocents is: 
The men dress up as women and threaten people with kisses until they give them money.
We were walking and we happened to cross paths with a parade. My companion began to film it all when a she-man saw him filming. That’s when he started our way. Stockings, fake boobs with a bunch of paper towels and dressed up in his mini jean skirt. My companion directly put some coins in his purse and then he started my way. I put the coins in his purse but he kept coming…
I was so worried… as he started to put even more lipstick on. I kept the coins coming but nothing was working. I started to panic. That’s when he grabbed me and smacked me with a big fat kiss on my cheek. 
It was one of the worst experiences I have had here in Colombia!
I’m not sure if this is bad news or good news… 
My companion has the whole thing recorded. I guess it’s pretty funny, so; I hope to send it to you all soon. 

SO many things have happened these last few days. 

Angela our investigator got baptized.
We were having a lesson with her and she was getting bugged by a bunch of drunk guys in the parking lot. So what does she do? She pulls out her phone, calls her husband, who is a policeman, and says, “Fix it”. Makes us popcorn and sets us up outside to watch the scene. Our version of going to the movies, ha-ha.
The police arrive in a huge van and begin to escort every single one of them to the van. They were all shouting and throwing arms but all 9 got in the van and they left. 
Don’t mess with Angela. Ha-ha

Well Hello 2014! 

I have a question for you guys. 
How do you want to start off the New Year? 
The same as last year? 
Or even better?
We have many hopes for the New Year, many goals, perhaps, but let me help you with these goals. 

James 2:17
17. Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

Faith without works is dead.

Somebody told me something very interesting recently. Personally I have problems fighting for a cause; I always work best when I’m fighting against something. Sometimes we have the perspective that the commandments is a way to follow God, which it is, however, there is something else about following the commandments. We are indirectly throwing a blow at Satan every time we follow a commandment. The more obedient you are you show Satan that you are that much stronger than he is and that he is weak. 
The war in heaven continues on the Earth today…


Make a physical list of how you are going to be stronger on this Earthly battlefield. 
A strategy plan how you can better follow the commandments and beat the adversary.

I love you all 

Elder Lyle

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