Monday, October 14, 2013

Tough week, no letter but GREAT pictures

This was Rawly's "letter" home this week:

I'm not sending a letter home this week. Nothing of significance happened this week. 
I ate food. 

I then asked if he had to send a letter to President Prince and maybe he could just copy that over. His response:

Yup.. I just said that I am doing the best I can President and that I will put my shoulder to the wheel.

We are guessing that this week did not go as well as hoped for.

On a better note. He sent some GREAT pictures! It does look like he is having fun, well at least on P-Day's.


So much FUN with the Bojorge's


My companion, Bryan Bojorge & Rawly

Back row: new companion, Bryan & Rawly
front row: Alejandro & Santiago

My companion everyone...
Elder Carrasco

Santiago, whose parents got married

Last weeks P-Day madness
Us: Yikes, are those your white shorts? Maybe black would have been more appropriate
Rawly: So much fun! It started with a little water, then rotten guava's, then mud and then buckets of mud!

My new family
I LOVE them!
Familia Astudillo

Jonathan got baptized

Adriana, Borg & Marcela
Us: Playing a little B-ball
Rawly: Elder Borg & I played baseball. I forgot I could throw the ball and make a strike, a skill that really is not common here. Then a little soccer, scored 3 goals. 
I'm becoming the ballster, although B-ball I am still horrid at.

Call home? 
Why bother when there is only 13 days left of your mission.

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