Monday, September 16, 2013

This week was a week of pictures!

Pictures from the Scout Hike
Getting ready to leave

Hiking away

On the trail we blaze

Up the water pipe to the top

In the middle of the jungle
No trail
We got lost

Here we all are

Stopping to drink water

Elder Borg & Rawly on the trail

River bed in the jungle

Not even sure where we are at
Lost again

The rain came down 
The floods came up

We began to run down the side of the mountain

Soaked through & through
(Notice Rawly is the only one that looks happy in this photo)

My companion recuperating

Pictures from around the neighborhood

My family here
Familia Hincapie

Cooking with the neighborhood

P-Day Cooking
Elder Borg made:
Chicken in coconut milk

Paola, her mom & my companion

After Elder Borg's coconut chicken
I made gnocchi in cheese sauce
We are...

It wouldn't be a week with pictures if we didn't have...
Breakfast photo
Toast & cinnamon rice

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