Monday, September 30, 2013

This Week Was Transfers

Well, what a week

There really isn’t much to say about this week either that is the weird thing. We really didn’t do anything, especially my companion and I. We taught, we ate lunches, we walked and taught some more.

Then we hit Thursday, that’s when my companion and I had a huge fight. Seriously we were starting to get along real rottenly. However I’m pretty sure it’s a guy thing cause when the hermana’s fight they don’t talk to each other for a while. When the elders fight, we fight and then we feel like we are best friends right afterwards. AHAHA

My companion and I after Thursday had a BLAST

Oh my gosh, we have had so much fun. We helped another couple get married; the people here call us the cupids. This couple then got baptized three hours after their marriage. Claudina, the mom, Alejandro, the son, and Sofia the daughter, The father was a less active member that reactivated and then baptized his entire family, what an incredible experience to see the huge change in their lives since we first started teaching them. 

However, nothing can beat the change that I have witnessed in the family of Evelin, my first investigator here. Now that her whole family is baptized they are such incredible members of the church of Jesus Christ. They came to the baptisms that we had this week, 4 in total, and shared their testimony at every single one. They are truly amazing and the change that I have witnessed in their lives is immense!!

I love my investigators and I love my area and my companion is the best and we are having the times of our lives here. That is why on Friday night a good friend of Elder Jones from our district called President Prince to ask if we could not have transfers in our district. 
President Prince told Elder Jones that we would have transfers in both Americas 1 and Americas 2 and also the two missionary companionships. 

That was kind of heartbreaking. My companion will finish his mission in 4 weeks so we thought for sure that I would be his last companion. But it will not be. 

Sunday night came around and we heard the news. 

Elder Jones will go to Jamundi as a district leader

Elder Borg will go to Americas 1

Elder Lyle will stay in Americas 2 

And the old companion of Elder Jones,
Elder Carrasco will be my new companion. 

Well there are a few things that I like about this.
I stay in my area.
Elder Borg still is my district leader and is in my area. 

However may I just say, ever since Elder Carrasco arrived here in Popayan he and I have been fighting. We really don’t get along at all. That is how I know that President Prince is inspired to make these changes. Because, out of 160 some odd missionaries, I was chosen to spend the next month and a half to 3 months with the one person I have the most trouble with. 

Why you may ask?
James 1:3-4
3. Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.
4. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

Yup. You see I will become a better missionary, it’s that simple. I will be tried heavily but from these trials of my faith I will receive more patience. 
That is why we have trials. Really if you haven’t read the book of Job I challenge you to read at least the first 4 chapters. It’s really not that much. It really will show you the divinity of God and why we have trials. It is those who have the most trials that will receive the most blessings. IF we accept these trials as a way to better ourselves. That is the big IF of the situation.


Yes I understand that all the missionaries in Popayan have called to tell me sorry. 
Yes I understand that the members may not allow us to come for family home evenings anymore.
I will do the best I can because when I think of it I know that I can be the best missionary. That is something that Elder Borg has taught me, that every missionary has the capacity to be the best missionary, you just have to tell it to yourself until you believe it. When you believe it, normally it will happen.
I know I can be a great missionary, I will show love to the investigators, I will show care to those in need. I do that now, but now is the test I must overcompensate for. 

God will work miracles, as long as we are faithful. 
Be Faithful

Since I received NO emails about how the last challenge went, I do believe I will discontinue the challenges as it is a waste of my time, hahahaha

But do know 
This is the week to show love for whomever you meet 
Wherever you meet them

Okay it’s a challenge I lied!


This is the time to just shower mercy, happiness and love to everyone

Love you all 

Elder Lyle

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