Saturday, April 18, 2015

All right so this week was TENAZ!

Hey Family and Friends
So this week we started interviews again in the mission. It’s weird to think that we do them every 3 months and this is my 3rd time doing it. 
Elder Gomez and I have an awesome training that we are giving the mission and we are seeing a lot of results! Everyone is getting super excited. We are working with the "Beehive Mission" and working like a beehive. We made shirts, we made logos, and in the interviews we are explaining exactly how a “BEE” Missionary works.

It is super fun. We are seeing a lot of missionaries that are excited to learn how to work even more efficiently. The interviews are always TENAZ. I’m sorry for those who don’t know what tenaz is in English, I also don’t what it is, sorry, but it is the only word that I know to explain how interviews are. You don’t sleep, you don’t walk, you just go from one interview to another and you just talk and talk and talk. Every interview is 30 minutes long if not longer. We talk a minimum 43 hours to be able to complete all the interviews for the entire mission saying the same thing interview after interview. It starts to get to you. You are dead beat tired every day. Being a missionary your body becomes used to walking all day and getting tired but when you are doing interviews there is so little time when you are going to bed super late and getting up early enough to travel to different parts of the mission to give the interview. These were Elder Gomez’s first interviews so he was super excited to start them, hahaha, I told him that they were tenaz. The first few days of interviews we were going good then around the third day, after having said the same thing 40 times, he looked at me and he was like... I don’t know if I can do this anymore, hahahahaha. I looked at him and said,  “I TOLD YOU SOO!” 
We have to keep on working, hahaha. You guys probably don’t think that is as funny as I do, but you had to BEE here to understand.
We did all the interviews in our BEE shirts and all the missionaries are asking for the shirts. We are trying to unify the mission with this one theme. And so far it is working really well. Honestly that was my week… Interviews.

I love interviews don’t get me wrong, it is when you have the best chance to train the missionaries, but trust me, IT’S TENAZ. 

So this week I was reading some things that I really liked. And I would like to talk about some of my favorite people from the scriptures. 
The Stripling Warriors
Personally I love the stripling warriors, I always have, always will. I was reading their story. 

First of all in Alma 53 it says they were:
 20. "And they were all young men, and they were exceedingly valiant for courage, and also for strength and activity; but behold, this was not all-they were men who were true at all times in whatsoever thing they were entrusted.
21. Yea, they were men of truth and soberness, for they had been taught to keep the commandments of God and to walk uprightly before him."

I have always wanted to be a stripling warrior all my life and I have always loved that scripture that explains who they were. 
But the story gets interesting; the whole country was under war and they needed reinforcements so these young men that had never fought before formed a troop per say, but nobody wanted them to fight. But when things were looking bad, they sent the stripling warriors in as a decoy. And the other army took it and started chasing them. Little did the enemy know that the stronger army started to follow them to kill them before they got to the stripling warriors. But there was a point in which they were all tired and they had to make the decision to fight and the leader of the stripling warriors asked them
Alma 56
44. “Therefore what say ye, my sons, will ye go against them in battle?”

They went and fought and in a letter their leader had sent to the main captain he explained the stripling warriors in the following manner
Alma 56
45. “And now I say unto you, my beloved brother Moroni, that never had I seen so great courage, nay, not amongst all the Nephites.
46. For as I had ever called them my sons (for they were all of them very young) even so they said unto me: Father, behold our God is with us, and he will not suffer that we should fall; then let us go forth; we would not slay our brethren if they would let us alone; therefore let us go, lest they should overpower the army of Antipus.
47. Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them.
48. And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying: We do not doubt our mothers knew it.”

This has always impacted me. 
I love the stripling warriors. 
They did indeed go to battle and they won, but the troop leader was concerned and so he:
Alma 56
55… “numbered those young men who had fought with me, fearing lest there were many of them slain.”
Only to find that
56. “But behold, to my great joy, there had not one soul of them fallen to the earth; yea, and they had fought as if with the strength of God; yea, never were men known to have fought with such a miraculous strength; and with such mighty power did they fall upon the Lamanites, that they did frighten them; and for this cause did the Lamanites deliver themselves up as prisoners of war.”

I love the stripling warriors. 
Let us be stripling warriors in this day and age and fight for what is right.
Let us follow the same qualities of those awesome men. I love these scriptures; it shows that no matter what the odds are, if we are upright before God He will help us in all our struggles. 

Like it says in Mosiah 2:41
41. “And morever, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it.”

Obey the commandments and be Happy
I love you all 
Talk to you all next week
Elder Lyle

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