Saturday, December 27, 2014

The most pictures Rawly's ever sent... It must be CHRISTMAS!

My sister's note to me
I opened it on
the 22nd of December

Making food as a district in Terron

Elder Guedes from Brazil 
and his typical Brazilian food
It's like french toast

The typical Colombian Christmas food

Tulua English Christmas Song Competition

Elder Dean, Elder Lyle & Elder Correa

Los de Tulua
Elder Walker
and of course
Elder Donoso

Christmas Mustaches
Elder Roman from Argentina
Elder Rebolledo from Chile
Elder Yanzapanta from Ecuador
My companion
Elder Walker from Utah

Everyone loved their gifts

After carrying this around for 18months I finally opened it

Everyone loves the socks mom

Thanks for the ties MAMA WALKER!!!

Elder Rojas dead after eating so much

Grill a la Uruguaya
and President Pricoli

This is my city and I love it so

Argentine grill today for PDAY

Grill with Don Ramon for his birthday on PDAY

Elder Roman set up the grill on Don Ramon's roof...
It was epic not going to lie

Elder Rojas and Elder Rebolledo

Happy Birthday Don Ramon!

"He is the Gift"
Christmas in Terron Colorado
We sang for them

We can always see Cristo Rey from Terron

The side of Terron Coloardo lit up with Christmas lights

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  1. Great nice to see a little of your life there, Elder Lyle.