Monday, April 14, 2014

What's been happening

Well Family, 

It’s been a very interesting week. We have had lots of work. We have found some incredible families. One family we found is from Buenaventura. They are awesome, however we are really worried that they won’t progress too much. 

The apartment is clean, finally, and we officially are no longer on the floor. It’s a milagro (miracle). We’ve been doing exercises regularly with a family that is truly amazing here, 
The Ramirez Family. 
They are honestly incredible, they help us so much. Families like the Ramirez Family that truly accept the missionaries into their home is what makes our day. 

This week we have interviews with the Princes’ however the best part is....

This week I will receive my Father’s dog tags

I would now like to talk a little about what we teach. 
We have taught too many people who have suffered from the passing away of a close family member. Everyone has their own way of dealing with things, some people go into deep depression, others act as if it never happened, and others just continue one with their life with an incredible sense of faith and purpose here in this life. However every single person that I have met has some sort of memory of that person because unfortunately, our loved ones pass on to a better place but we are still here left without them.

My memory of my Father gets here to Cali Colombia this Friday, something that I have waited over 4 months to get, and something that I will cherish. 

Things are just things while we are living, many people say that and that it is not important, the temporal things, because one day we will not have them. In one aspect I agree and another I don’t agree. One day I will not have the physical things that I have now, however while I am here, these things mean something to me. We use things to help our mortal minds keep in contact with those that we love when we no longer have them in our lives. 

Please appreciate what you have in your lives, and who you have in your life.

I challenge you all to think of one person that you appreciate this week and thank them for all that they have done for you

I love you all 

Elder Lyle


  1. elder lyle..thanks for your words and support to my family,,,,,even you dont beleive has helped us... RAMIREZ FAMILY...