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Welcome to Ipiales

Well hello all at home.

A million thanks for all the incredible emails. Seriously not going to lie a few of them made me a little teary eyed, however if my companion asks it was just some dust, ha-ha.

This week has been awesome. 

First off:
Daniel, who is 4 now, had is birthday party. He is Lucia’s kid. Lucia is 23 years old and lives with her sister-in-law and her 3 kids. And to top it off she is 8 months pregnant. 

Well that would be the second news:
Lucia popped Wednesday. Hahaha, 
My companion and I brought them to the hospital and we are sure there was a ton of people who thought that we were all couples. Noemi, Lucia, my companion and I. 

No complications at all. It was awesome. She has a beautiful new house as well to go back to.
Happy in their new house :)

This Thursday we had interviews with President Prince. It was super awesome to spend 15 minutes talking with him. We travel 2 hours to Pasto to talk with the President and his wife for 15 minutes each. But it was definitively worth it because it was super awesome. 
Ipiales Zone
Elder Aguilera & Elder Lyle
Lunch with the Zone & 
President & Sister Prince

My companion and I have started running everyday. Super awesome as well, maybe now we will stop getting fat with our pure diet of potatoes and rice, or probably not. Ha-ha

I got to see the coolest thing this Sunday. 
Jorge Vidal and his son Christian blessed the sacrament together and then Jorge gave an awesome talk on faith. It’s so amazing to see when someone’s life is completely turned around... 
Jorge just 2 months ago was drinking enough alcohol to kill a small child and was a chain smoker. Through the last 2 months he has quit smoking and is completely sober. Spends amazing quality time with his family and is worthy to bless the sacrament with his son every Sunday. 
There seriously is nothing better than this in the mission to see the huge changes that people make with just a few nudges. 
I love the gospel for that reason!

So here is the news. 
Out of the 12 missionaries here in Ipiales 6 will leave. My companion and I are the only ones staying as companions here in Ipiales, SO PUMPED. And to top the whole thing off, my district grew immensely. I now have 8 missionaries in my district. They are giving me another district and taking out the district leaders from that area. Kind of worried, as 8 missionaries is a lot harder than 4, especially when the other missionaries I had originally were the Zone leaders. (Missionaries in charge of Ipiales).
Saying goodbye to the majority of the zone

So yeah, that is what’s going on here... Super busy... but super excited. 

Modern Day Prophets:
So I would like to talk to you just a little bit about a very interesting subject.
Modern Day Prophets. 

People think that prophets have to wear tunics, have huge beards and a staff to be a prophet. 
Why? I really don’t know why. 

The truth is a lot of people find it hard to believe that there are prophets and apostles in this day and age. That the prophet wears a suit along with his apostles. 
It’s simply hard to believe that there is a modern day prophet, however that works for any time. 

Lets take a look at ancient prophets. 
How many people believed he was a prophet...
7 people

How many people believed he was a prophet...
A handful

Even less

Why was it hard to believe that these great men were prophets in their day? 

Let’s see...
They wore the same clothes as those people in their day. 
They talked the same as them. 
They looked the same as them, they weren’t encircled with power walking down the street shining like a light bulb. 
They were just normal people called by God to lead.

Jesus Christ talked about this, permit me to change one word to help with the understanding. 

St. Luke 4:24 
24. And he said, Verily I say unto you. No prophet is accepted in his own “time”.

Jesus Christ wasn’t accepted either in his own time. They couldn’t believe that a normal person, the son of a carpenter was the Son of God. Their Messiah. They didn’t believe in Christ. 
But how do we know that there would be more prophets and apostles after the originals? 

St. Luke 11:49
49. Therefore also said the wisdom of God, I will send them prophets and apostles…

That is what Jesus Christ said. That he would send more prophets and apostles, but where are the prophets and the apostles?
In the Church of Jesus Christ. The same Church that he established when he was here helping people. Restored completely. 
We need prophets
 In the Old Testament it talks about prophets and says something very interesting. 

Amos 3:7
7. Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

It says here that God will do nothing but reveal his secrets to his prophets. 
That he would do nothing. 
God will do nothing....? 
No, he is always here with us. 
So there must always be a prophet, or God will not do anything with his children that he so dearly loves here on the Earth. 

I love you all 
I testify of a living and actual prophet of God here on the Earth. 
That he has called 12 Apostles and that we will not cease to have this power on the Earth until the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I love you all so much 
I hope you have a great week 
In the name of Jesus Christ

Listen to one talk by a modern day prophet.

Elder Rawly Lyle

A few more pictures:
My Neighborhood
My house ya'll
Gettin Stupid Loose
We have FUN!

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